Panorama of Le Creusot
©Panorama of Le Creusot|Xavier Spertini

Le Creusot

Between industrial past and natural present

Coal, iron, steel… so many words that come to mind when you think of Le Creusot.

Discover a town whose destiny was changed by the Industrial Revolution and the Schneider family.

Le Creusot


Take time to discover the museums and the preserved industrial heritage that is omnipresent at the fascinating sites of the Château de la Verrerie, the workers’ housing estates of Combe des Mineurs and Saint-Eugène, and the 241 P 17 steam locomotive. Fun and interactive discoveries await young and old alike, as you relive Le Creusot’s industrial adventure in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Le Creusot takes to the stage

"A lively show!