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Walking in the footsteps of miners

at the Blanzy Mining Museum

Immerse yourself in the daily life of the miners and let yourself be drawn into the bowels of the earth for a fascinating visit!

Entirely preserved and refurbished by former volunteer miners, the mine-turned-museum presents the life and work of miners in the Montcelli region.

The tile floor of the Saint-Claude well

Located on the site of the former Saint-Claude shaft in Blanzy, the Musée de la Mine is a unique testimony to the mining and industrial history of the Blanzy-Montceau basin.

As you enter the site, the imposing 20-metre-high metal headframe dominates the landscape. In perfect working order, it is the last remaining representative of the local mining tradition, of the more than 200 shafts that existed in the Blanzy coalfield in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Relive the hard work of a hundred or so men assigned to operate the Saint-Claude shaft at the height of its activity, and imagine the appalling working conditions of the 13,200 Blanzy coal miners… Perhaps you’ll have the privilege of exploring the Musée de la Mine in the company of a former miner, a true expert on the site and an authentic witness to the atmosphere that reigned in the depths of the galleries.

To the coal!

Impressions of the Mine Museum

The day's installations

After touring the main building, which presents the historical framework of the coalfield, you’ll move on to the surface installations, starting with the lamp room with its collection of lined-up, ready-to-use lamps, tracing the evolution of miners’ down-hole lighting.

In the machine room, take a look at the machines that are still in working order: the steam extraction machine with its imposing coils dating back to 1885, various early models of dewatering pumps and electric motors, and more.

Then dare to venture underground into the gallery, where men, children and even horses worked 10 hours a day.


the underground gallery

Descend into the gloom of the underground galleries and traverse the 200 meters accessible through the monumental metal frameworks of the support system.

Observe the devices used to transport coal, and discover the evolution of ore extraction and transport methods over the centuries. The various coal mining techniques are represented, from the early pick to more modern technologies such as the jackhammer or the “walking support”, a unique machine used until 1992.

Enriching and moving, the Musée de la Mine offers a real moment of exploration for the whole family. You’ll leave with a lifetime of memories.

In the family

at the Mine Museum

On Wednesdays during school vacations, the museum offers a guided tour for families with children aged 4 to 12. This is followed by a creative workshop on the theme of fossils.

Reservations required.
For further information, contact the museum.

Not to be missed