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Parc des Combes

A kingdom of imagination and thrills
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Looking for adventure and thrills?

Head for Parc des Combes!

Perched on the hills of Le Creusot, this pretty amusement park opens up to you.

Whether you’re in the mood for a thrill or just a spin on the merry-go-round, there are more than twenty attractions to discover as you stroll through the park’s alleys. With family or friends, there’s something for everyone at Parc des Combes.

From flying hot-air balloons to Canadian rivers and the 5G Canad’R, there’s something for everyone.

Attractions for all tastes

Gain height or speed!

A family park

The Parc des Combes is a family leisure park with picnic areas and playgrounds, but it’s also a great opportunity to travel 10 kilometers through lush countryside on a real steam train dating from 1900.

Aboard the “Le Tacot des Crouillotes” steam train, you’ll discover astonishing views of the Beaujolais and Morvan mountains, with bridges, gorges, waterfalls and tunnels dotting the line and giving the Train des Deux Vallées an Alpine feel.

You can also discover Le Creusot’s industrial and railway history by admiring the famous 241 P 17 steam locomotive, a listed historic monument (for groups only, by reservation).


the 4 seasons of Parc des Combes

The Train

Easter eggs

Bring the whole family aboard the train, where in the middle of the journey you’ll disembark in search of the famous chocolate eggs! You’ll also meet the Parc des Combes rooster, who’ll come to greet you with his magic egg!

America's Day

American Days

Western atmosphere! Every day, Indians attack the train every 1/2 hour. Afternoon shows and entertainment for children.

The Train

of Fear

For Halloween, special afternoon trains at Parc des Combes during the All Saints’ Day vacations, with the haunted tunnel and the Combes witch with her pot full of candy!

The Train

of Santa Claus

Santa awaits you for a train ride through the enchanted forest of Les Combes.

Once again this year, young and old alike will leave amazed.

Parc des Combes

and you...
As seen by children

Our great weekends at the park

“When we come to Parc des Combes, our favorite thing is the Déval’Train; it’s so scary when you go through the tunnel! That’s why we scream so loudly, and it makes a lot of noise.”

Emma & Jules, aged 10 and 7

As seen by grandparents

Keeping grandchildren occupied during the vacations

“What a joy it is to see my grandson having fun on the merry-go-rounds! Every school vacation we come here; Arthur enjoys his “pass-partout” with his friends, while I relax with a good book in the shade of the pines. We regularly take a ride on the Ferris wheel together to enjoy the view; I love seeing the landscape change with each season!”

Michèle, grandmother of Arthur, aged 13

As seen by thirty-somethings


“My girlfriends gave me quite a surprise for my EVJF: dressed as a princess with tutu and tiara, I embarked on a crazy afternoon where they had me try out the craziest rides. The Canad’R was the most sensational!

Emilie, 28, bride-to-be