Tree in the Parc de la Verrerie, Le Creusot.Parc Et Chateau Verrerie Le Creusot Parc Vue360 2018 3600pxxavier Spertini 19
©Parc Et Chateau Verrerie Le Creusot Parc Vue360 2018 3600pxxavier Spertini 19|Xavier Spertini
Parc de la Verrerieby a native Creusot man

Ceramic Valley

Psttt you! Yes, you! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m the Chestnut Tree and, without boasting, one of the oldest and most majestic trees in this magnificent English park.

Anecdotally, from my position at the corner of the terrace, just beneath the windows of the former offices of the ironmasters, I’ve heard many industrial secrets and secrets of the alcove that I can’t tell you.

The chestnut tree in the Parc de la Verrerie, Le Creusot
©The chestnut tree in the Parc de la Verrerie, Le Creusot
Le Marronnier du Parc

Discover the Parc de la Verrerie through the eyes of one of its oldest residents. A green setting in the heart of Le Creusot, perfect for families, sports enthusiasts and strollers alike. 3, 2, 1... Breathe

Playing field

for families

Proudly perched on my promontory, I overlook the vast green expanses and enjoy the cries and laughter of the children, accompanied by their parents, who come to relax and enjoy the games, or have a family picnic.

Everyone is delighted by the many animals, including deer, llamas, goats, sheep, rabbits… not forgetting the peacock who struts through the alleys shouting “Léon! Léon!” and attracts all the attention when he does a cartwheel and displays his beautiful shimmering colors for all to see… What a show-off that one is!


Walking or running

I follow with my benevolent gaze the more athletic visitors who come to say hello before setting off in short strides along the winding paths around the park’s two ponds, where I have the pleasure of coming across a swan, a mother duck with her ducklings or a sunbathing turtle.

Nature lovers, meanwhile, stroll along the paths and take the time to admire the generous flora and discover my fellow species, such as the Virginia Tulip, which, if you know how to listen, will tell you its poignant story, or other species, from the most common to the most exotic, but all as prestigious as I am.

I'm waiting for you

Whatever the season, I’m always delighted to see visitors enjoying this green cocoon in the heart of the city. I hope you too will be captivated by this peaceful setting and enjoy coming to meet me.


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