Canal du Centre by bikeCanal du Centre by bike
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By bike

along the Canal du Centre
Cycling is the ideal way to discover Creusot Montceau!

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Amandine, cycling expert and travel consultant.

A channel

ceramic color

The Canal du Centre, with its bucolic landscape and changing colors with the seasons, is a wonderful spot to ride along the water’s edge.

Along the way, you can admire the ancient buildings that have forged the history of our region. It’s in this ” Ceramic Valley ” that you can visit the Villa Perrusson, a symbol of the success of the Perrusson-Desfontaines family, entrepreneurs of tiles and architectural ceramics. Admire its English-style gardens and its interior, which perfectly reflects Belle Epoque fashion.

An itinerary


On the way down to Montchanin, you’ll come across a large building that raises a lot of questions: the former Henri-Paul Foundry. With its 5 naves, it’s a must-see along the RCEA.

Another notable building to discover to the south of Creusot Montceau is the Briqueterie, a former brick and paving tile factory.

When the weather’s fine, it’s not unusual to see cyclists following the Canal du Centre along theEurovĂ©lo 6, a long-distance tour for cycling enthusiasts linking the Atlantic to the Black Sea.

As you’ll see, cycling along the Canal du Centre is a great way toexperience the past and discover the skills of yesteryear, as well as meeting people from all over the world on this 4,450 km long journey.

The little plus

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If you’d like to find out more about our region’s mining past, don’t hesitate to leave the Canal du Charolais (formerly known as the Canal du Centre) and follow the “History of Mining” loop.