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Ceramic houses

evidence of a flourishing business

In the region’s towns and villages, many of the buildings inherited from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are adorned with locally manufactured ceramic elements. Private homes, shops and workshops all bear witness to an activity that has now disappeared.

Take a stroll through the streets of Montchanin and Écuisses in search of the colorful bricks, tiles and original sculpted decorations that have left their mark on the whole region.

What to see

in the streets of Écuisses

The village of Écuisses grew thanks to the Canal du Centre and, above all, to the presence of ceramic factories, of which the Perrusson company remains the best known.

The Perrusson company was behind a number of buildings. The old workshops, the workers’ housing estate, the bakery and the cooperative are all lined up along the Canal du Centre road.

Like the elegant Villa Perrusson, the employer’s residence, these buildings promote the company’s products: the bricks, tiles and glazed decorations are visible to passers-by and boaters alike.