Lac De MontaubryLac De Montaubry

Feet in the water

Numerous lakes and ponds dot the Creusot Montceau region, offering a wealth of opportunities to relax by the water.

Whether you’re a freshwater sailor, a fisherman or a backstroke enthusiast, you’re bound to find something to suit you here!

Fishing and swimming are regulated activities subject to strict rules. It’s a good idea to get local information before visiting the areas concerned.


just the way you like it!

In summer, there’s nothing more refreshing than spending some time by the water.

Creusot Montceau offers a wide range of possibilities for sharing a picnic with family or friends, then diving in and feeling like a fish in the water.

Do you prefer natural swimming or a pool?

Good to know


in all its states

The Bourbince basin, an interesting river for fishing cypinids (gudgeon, roach, chub), is best known to anglers for its lakes, the largest in Saône-et-Loire: la Sorme (230 ha), Torcy (164 ha), le Breuil (70 ha), Berthaud (50 ha) and Montchanin (40 ha).

All are located between Le Creusot and Montceau-les-Mines, are easily accessible and will delight family anglers.

These shallow lakes are ideal for carp, but also boast a good population of pike-perch and pike-perch in good numbers.

Between Ecuisses and Digoin, the Canal du Centre follows the Bourbince almost from one end to the other. Pike-perch are undoubtedly “THE” carnivorous fish on the canal.

And don’t forget: there are many routes for night fishing for carp on the canal.

The Dheune is a small, flat river that meanders through the Chalonnais region. The Dheune basin offers a wealth of fishing opportunities.

You’ll have little trouble catching small fry of white fish all along its length.

The most popular fishing areas are the Canal du Centre and two large feeder lakes to the Canal: Montaubry (128 ha) and Longpendu (32 ha).