Lac De La Sorme dam BlanzyLac De La Sorme dam Blanzy
©Lac De La Sorme dam Blanzy |Xavier SPERTINI

Our top 5 nature spots

that'll blow your mind!


The Mesvrin valley, at the gateway to Morvan

The Mesvrin rises near Couches and joins the Arroux at Etang-sur-Arroux. Over a distance of 37 kilometers, it nestles into the hills, creating a lush green valley where meadows and forests meet. Numerous hamlets dot the landscape, recalling the panoramas of the nearby Morvan.

Don’tmiss the sunsets over the Mesvrin from the heights of Le Breuil or Saint-Firmin!


Lac de Montaubry

A paradise for anglers and swimmers alike, Lac de Montaubry is one of the must-see spots in the Creusot Montceau area. From the banks or on the water, the lake offers a thousand different views, which change with the seasons.

Don’t miss: in fine weather, come and watch the water-skiers on the lake. Maybe you’ll give it a try!


Lac de la Sorme

Its V-shape gives this lake a number of pretty nooks and crannies where nature has taken over the decor. Dedicated to fishing, it’s not uncommon to come across early-morning anglers enjoying the calm and serenity of the surroundings.

Good to know: this lake isn’t just a lake! It’s also a major reservoir of drinking water for the region.


Brandon pond

In Brandon, walkers are welcome! A green walk radiates around the lake, skirting the wet banks where birds and frogs give their voices and play hide-and-seek with curious little ones.

Don’t miss the chance to meet the grey heron on the banks of the pond.


The Charolais bocages

Here, hedgerows and low walls have been shaping the landscape for hundreds of years, giving this corner of the region a distinctive signature. This natural canvas comes in shades of green, punctuated by pretty Romanesque churches.

Don‘t miss the view of the bocage from the Mont-Saint-Vincent belvedere.