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The bow,national scene

L’arc, scène nationale

Le Creusot boasts a rich cultural life, thanks in particular to a national stage and a well-developed community life.

Thanks to its industrial past, Le Creusot has inherited a variety of facilities, such as theaters, and a community life that is certainly more dynamic than in other towns of comparable size.

A national stage

in Le Creusot

Following in the footsteps of André Malraux’s maisons de la culture and maisons des arts et loisirs, L’arc has been welcoming the public to Le Creusot since 1967.

France’s first cultural action center in 1968, this non-profit organization has been a certified scène nationale since 1991.

A major player


Located in the heart of the city, with its two auditoriums with a capacity of 941 and 235 seats and its exhibition gallery, L’arc, scène nationale offers a varied cultural program each year, open to all: theater, circus, dance, music, shows for young audiences, and more.

Each cultural season is built around highlights such as residencies, regular artist visits and a major annual exhibition.

Thanks to its affordable rates, L’arc, scène nationale is a major player in Le Creusot’s cultural life.

A place

accessible to all

In addition, exhibitions, shows and fairs are regularly organized at the Alto, a structure combining a large hall, an amphitheater, a music and dance conservatory, and the Ampli, a space for contemporary music. The Nave, a multi-purpose hall, and the Sports Hall complete the list of facilities available for cultural events.

In Creusot, shows, exhibitions and events are sure to appeal to fans of cultural outings.

One season

rich and diversified

Theater, circus, music, dance, visual arts…

Year after year, l’arc’s seasons are rich and diversified, in tune with new practices and trends.

Programming open to all, with a real focus on cultural public service!