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People who say that Le Creusot is a gray, sad town, still living in the 19th century Schneider era, have never been there, or don’t really know it!

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For example, who knows that just 50 metres from the sledgehammer, as the crow flies, there’s the Torcy lake on one side and a park on the other…?

The “factory town” is a mountain of surprises in itself. That’s why you could say that here, you have ” your feet in the water, just a stone’s throw from the city “. Of course, there’s the Patins beach at Lac de Montaubry, around 5 km from the center of Le Creusot. We like to go there with family and friends, to relax under the trees and let the kids splash around in the water. We like to picnic, read a good book, or simply stroll along the banks…

However, I’ve got a secret to share with you: I’m going to take you to another part of the lake that’s less well-known to the general public! If you really want to be disconnected from the world, to be able to hang your hammock between two trees without bothering your beach neighbor, follow me! Indeed, as the lake is over 10km long, there’s no shortage of space. All you need is a bit of an adventurous spirit.

With my husband and two children, as soon as the fine weather returns, we often get the urge, for a weekend, to load up the truck with fishing gear, hammock, tables and books, and head for our little corner of Paradise!

We just want to spend some time away from the daily grind.

My husband loves fishing, and there are lots of fishermen on this side of the lake, so before you jump into the water, look out for a stray rod line on your “spot”!

Our “spot” is what we call the little places we carefully choose. Once we’ve found our “spot”, it’s time to set up: the hammock between two trees for reading and napping, the little table for a drink in front of the setting sun, the blankets on the ground for stargazing on summer evenings, and of course, the fishing rods. My husband takes great pleasure in this activity, which brings him calm and patience. When he catches a fish, he weighs it and returns it to the lake, undamaged.

We love the sight of herons and moorhens squawking in the calm of a distant sunset. We love the orange or violet colors of the sky, blending with the reflection of the lake water.

Here, nature seems so wild and free, offering us everything we’d hoped for, here more than anywhere else, just a stone’s throw from the city.

We like to think that there’s something for everyone, and the only thing we have in common, as I just said, is “happiness”!