Voyage Vapeur de la Locomotive 241 P 17.
©Voyage Vapeur de la Locomotive 241 P 17.|Parc des Combes

Locomotive 241 P 17

Full steam ahead!

Imagine the steam oozing, the smell of burning coal, the whistle blowing…

Relive the atmosphere of yesteryear as you board a train pulled by an authentic steam locomotive once manufactured by the Le Creusot factories, the 241 P 17, affectionately nicknamed the “Princess of Le Creusot” by the people of Le Creusot.

It is classified

historical monument

During this timeless journey, you’ll be able to admire Le Creusot’s great star: the authentic 241 P 17 steam locomotive, dating from 1949-1950.

Manufactured by Schneider from 1948 onwards, the 241 P steam locomotive series is used for high-speed traction, with a commercial speed of 120 km/h. The standard-bearer of steam traction, it occupies a special place in the memories of railwaymen and in the hearts of enthusiasts of old locomotives and trains.

The 241 P 17 is the only steam locomotive of its type and power (4000 hp) still in service in Europe since the series was discontinued in the late 1960s. It holds a mileage record of 1,741,865 km.

It is now a listed historic monument.

France's most imposing locomotive

A little history

Commissioned on May 10, 1950 at the Lyon-Mouche depot, she was transferred to Marseille-Blancarde in 1958, then to Le Mans in 1959, and provided the last commercial service for the 241 P in 1969. Restarted in 1969 to take part in an exhibition of railway equipment, she was finally transferred to Le Creusot in 1971, to the factory of Société des Forges et Ateliers du Creusot (SFAC), formerly Établissements Schneider.

After 13 years of meticulous restoration by a team of enthusiasts, it was put back into service for the first time in 2006, to travel the railroads of France and Europe. Every year, trips to tourist regions are organized, enabling passengers to relive the excitement of steam train journeys and rediscover the joys of travel in the past.

Did you know

What do the numbers in the names of steam locomotives mean?

In France, steam locomotives are classified according to the number of axles. The first number corresponds to the number of front axles, the second to the number of drive axles and the third to the number of rear axles.

In the case of the 241 P 1 7: 2 front axles, 4 drive axles, 1 rear axle. The number 17 denotes its number in the series: 17th out of 35 examples.

Off we go!

After several years of complete overhaul, 2023 marked the grand return of the 241 P 17 to the rails.

Don’t miss the trips scheduled for 2024, and book your ticket today for a memorable experience!

Apart from organized outings, you can also admire the 241 P 17 during repair and maintenance sessions. For more information, contact Chemins de Fer du Creusot. The locomotive can also be viewed by groups, on reservation.

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