Lac du Plessis, Montceau-les-MinesLac du Plessis, Montceau-les-Mines
©Lac du Plessis, Montceau-les-Mines|Franck Juillot

Lac du Plessis

A place to live and play

How can you talk about Montceau without mentioning its lake and all the activities linked to it?

In full


Nestling in the heart of Montcelli, Lac du Plessis was originally a reservoir used to power a mill. A breach in the water subsequently rendered it unusable, and it became a marshy expanse of water. It wasn’t until 1868 that work began to turn it into a reservoir for the Canal du Centre.

Well-known to localanglers, it is renowned for its excellent fishing conditions, but also for its night-time carp fishing.

Going around

Walking or running

Today, the development of the lake’ s periphery has opened up a wide range of activities. Sunday strollers enjoy their regular outings alongside cyclists and joggers. As soon as the sun starts to shine, hundreds of people flock to the lakeside to soak up the sunshine.

How to get there

at Lac du Plessis

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Boulevard du Plessis, Montceau-les-Mines