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Located in Montceau-les-Mines, the Embarcadère is the town’s cultural center. With its large auditorium seating over 900 spectators, this modern space offers an eclectic program of theater, dance, music and comedy. Every year, its gallery hosts exhibitions of works by renowned artists.


cultural venues

Les Ateliers du Jour

The Ateliers du Jour cultural center is located on the site of the former colliery offices and workshops. It includes a media library, conservatory, gallery and auditorium. It shares its programming with l’Embarcadère and hosts a variety of shows throughout the year, particularly those aimed at young audiences.

ECLA in Saint-Vallier

Located in Saint-Vallier, the Espace Culturel Louis Aragon has a 250-seat auditorium and offers a season with a strong focus on young audiences. It is also a place that supports creative work through artist residencies and local companies.


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