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accessible to tourist establishments

To guarantee accessibility, quality, comfort and service, there are various labels and classifications to which you can lay claim.

A label for what?

Obtaining a label for an establishment or activity reassures the public about the standard of the service. The label also ensures greater visibility of the offer by referencing it on websites, brochures and summary lists.

Labeling is generally a voluntary process. The label is awarded after submission of an application and an audit, which may or may not validate the certification.

Each label has its own set of specifications specifying the criteria to be met.

To help you find your way around, here are some of the tourism labels and classifications available. This list may be expanded.

Tourism Quality

You don’t have to be a luxury hotel to obtain the Qualité Tourisme label! This mark can sometimes be frightening, with its many constraints, but think again…

The only requirement? Meet a series of quality criteria, as the mark is obtained following an audit, to be carried out every 5 years.

You validate these criteria with your own style, your own ideas, your own way of doing things. The demand is simple: your services must be of the highest quality and meet customer satisfaction!

As you can see, the Qualité Tourisme label is the guarantee of a great welcome, top-notch organization and, above all, constant self-questioning, because the customer is at the heart of this label.

To find out more, visit the official Qualité Tourisme website.

Bike home

Who can become Accueil Vélo?

  • Tourist accommodation
  • Cycle rental and/or repair outlets
  • Tourist offices
  • Visitor and leisure sites
  • Restaurants
  • Harbors

Why become Accueil Vélo?

  • Improve your visibility among cyclists.
  • Be listed on the various France Vélo Tourisme media (search engine, interactive maps) and on the communication media for the itinerary that concerns you.
  • Guarantee a welcome, services and facilities tailored to the needs of cycling tourists along France’s cycle routes.

The conditions

  • Be located less than 5 km from a signposted cycle route.
  • Meet the criteria of the Accueil Vélo quality standards for your business (find out more).

Your contact

Laëtitia GIRARDON, cycle tourism referent at the Mission Tourisme of the Sâone-et-Loire département
Tel. 03 85 21 02 26

Tourism & Handicap

Who can apply for the Tourisme & Handicap label?

  • Tourist accommodation
  • Restaurants
  • Tourist offices
  • Visitor and leisure sites

Why apply for the mark?

  • The Tourisme & Handicap mark has defined accessibility and reception criteria to guarantee tourism for all with the greatest possible autonomy. In particular, it takes into account facilitated access to the establishment’s buildings and services.
  • It is also attentive to the personalized welcome reserved for tourists in terms of attention and benevolence.
  • Tourisme & Handicap is a mark that identifies establishments that meet the specific needs of tourists with disabilities, whether auditory, mental, motor or visual.
  • Be present on the various websites dedicated to disabled people.

The requirements

  • Obtain at least 2 of the 4 disability families.
  • Respect the criteria of the reference system corresponding to your activity(find out more).

Your contact

Nathalie BONNETAIN, Tourisme & Handicap referent at Mission Tourisme, Sâone-et-Loire department
Tel. 03 85 21 02 21

Aventures Mômes

Who can apply for the Aventures Mômes label?

  • Visitor and leisure sites
  • Tourist offices

Why apply for the label?

  • Attract a family audience and broaden your offer.
  • Be present on various websites and communication media dedicated to families.


  • Offer a regular family program during the site’s opening period (from Easter to All Saints’ Day as a minimum).
  • Offer a family adventure as a complement to the classic offer, if the site is not naturally attractive to families.
  • Develop a staged, experiential offer to take the family on an adventure: can the offer be shared as a family? Does it generate emotion? Does it create memories?
  • Apply an attractive pricing policy for families.
    Comply with the criteria set out in the reference guide for your activity (find out more).

Your contact

Laëtitia GIRARDON, Aventures Mômes referent at the Saône-et-Loire department’s Tourism Mission
Tel. 03 85 21 02 26

Accommodation classification

Managed by Atout France, the classification of tourist accommodation covers hotels, campsites, leisure parks, tourist residences and vacation villages.

Classification in brief

  • Classification is official recognition of the quality of your accommodation.
  • It guarantees the conformity and quality of your accommodation with national and international standards.
  • As your offer is better identified, classification enables it to be better promoted by tourism organizations.
  • You will be issued with a statutory sign (approved by the Ministry of Tourism) attesting to the classification of your accommodation.
  • The classification is valid for 5 years.
  • It gives you the opportunity to be approved as a “Chèque Vacances” provider (information available fromANCV).
  • It also entitles you to an advantageous tax deduction (depending on your situation, check with your tax office).

Approved tourist accommodation classification bodies in Saône-et-Loire

List of other accredited organizations available here.

If you run a hotel, visit the Atout France website dedicated to classification to find out which organizations are accredited.